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The Gametime Guru

Oct 21, 2019

Call me crazy, but I absolutely HATE bad weather in football games! I have played and watched football my entire life, and fully understand what people would consider "Football Weather" but I still hate it and always have. 

Find out why today! 

You'll also find out about what I've been up to lately in my podcasting...

Aug 9, 2019

Today I'm joining you guys by myself to give an update on what's to come with the show and the other shows coming down the pipeline! 

- The Gametime Guru

- Gridiron Gametime

- Nation's Best Ballers and Recruits Podcast

I'll also be explaining why I am excited for the Ohio State and Boise State Football seasons coming...

Aug 2, 2019

For Torrey Fields, a major sports fan from Chicago, it wasn't originally in the works to be in sports photography. It wasn't until he was coaching that he realized he wanted to be able to capture some of those moments of his players, that he realized he had the "eye" and "drive" for taking pictures for teams. 


Jul 26, 2019

Jay Brantley (J Boogie) is known as one of the best streetballers out of the state of California. He had stints with the And1 Mixtape Tour, the Hooptainers, and now uses his basketball knowledge and experience to run Macleem Sports (an active lifestyle brand). 

Today we'll talk about his early days as a streetballer...

Jul 19, 2019

Jeff Harward first joined The Gametime Guru Podcast last year on Episode 58, where we discussed the growth of Rugby! 

Episode 58: Growth of Rugby with Coach Jeff Harward

We brought Jeff back to the show because in the last year, Jeff has moved back to his hometown to take on a new adventure in the sport of Rugby as he...