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The Gametime Guru

Nov 27, 2017

After a long holiday weekend with a ton of crazy sporting events that happened, these are my thoughts. 


The Dallas Cowboys are in major trouble! 

Why I think Alabama shouldn't get in regardless of the scenario for the CFP. 

Who are my top four teams that will make it out of championship weekend? 

Nov 24, 2017

Bob Behler 

If you have ever wanted to get into Sportscasting, why not listen to one of the best to do it. The 4-time Idaho Sportscaster of the Year, Bob Behler, joins me on this episode to discuss his journey from a young high school play-by-play announcer to becoming "The Voice of the...

Nov 20, 2017


Baker Mayfield - Should his "antics" hurt his draft stock or Heisman hopes?

Rivalry Week is coming. Why you should watch Ohio St. & Michigan as well as Auburn vs Alabama


Why the Eagles are poised for a good playoff run? (And it's not just Carson Wentz)

Tyrod Taylor & the Buffalo Bills 

Who should...

Nov 17, 2017

I had a great time sitting down with Andrew Feraci as we discussed a lot of things. Don't miss out as we learn about Andrew's history in sports as well as learning about his passion for cinematography. 

Andrew can predict what's going to happen in the games better than most analysts can! If you don't believe me, make...

Nov 10, 2017


Bank vault - 1:15

Skateboarding, parents, and kidnappings? - 2:30

ID Skate “wipeout” - 6:00

How Skateboarding translates to other sports - 9:40

Southern Virginia University “The SEC of D3” - 11:30

Eligibility Issues - 13:40

How football helps you “learn your body” - 20:00

The “Sweet Science” - 22:00