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The Gametime Guru

Jul 26, 2019

Jay Brantley (J Boogie) is known as one of the best streetballers out of the state of California. He had stints with the And1 Mixtape Tour, the Hooptainers, and now uses his basketball knowledge and experience to run Macleem Sports (an active lifestyle brand). 

Today we'll talk about his early days as a streetballer...

Jul 19, 2019

Jeff Harward first joined The Gametime Guru Podcast last year on Episode 58, where we discussed the growth of Rugby! 

Episode 58: Growth of Rugby with Coach Jeff Harward

We brought Jeff back to the show because in the last year, Jeff has moved back to his hometown to take on a new adventure in the sport of Rugby as he...

Jul 16, 2019

It's crazy how people can make assumptions on how an individual is, based on a TV Series. I was super intrigued by Coach Jason Brown's coaching style when the Last Chance U series went to Independence Community College for Season 3, but I knew there was more to him than what the show portrayed. 

Today Coach Brown joins...

Jul 12, 2019

The world of eSports continues to RISE! As we've discussed in the past, it is now a Varsity Program at some Universities, one of which is Boise State. 

Today, I meet with Dr. Chris Haskell, the Head Coach and Director of the Boise State eSports Team to talk to him about the program and what they have to offer. 


Jul 5, 2019

In the world we live in, there are many individuals who would LOVE to play football. The facts are, there are few who can actually do it. Athletes are rare, which is partially what makes them special, but what about those who still want to be a part of football? What do they do? 

The Simulation Football League gives...