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The Gametime Guru

Feb 28, 2020

He didn't even start on his High School basketball team. He averaged 2 points a game his senior year. Then how did he end up on a college basketball team? And to go even further, how did he end up on a professional basketball team without having finished his college playing career? 

Dre Baldwin has a story that you...

Feb 21, 2020

Doug Collins, known as "The Beserker" in the fight game, has a story about as awesome as his beard. 

Wrestling through Middle School and High School, Doug found his way to the MMA game after studying old-school UFC Tapes with a friend of his and falling in love with the sport.  

As he prepares for his upcoming match in...

Feb 10, 2020

I grew up DESPISING Kobe and the Lakers organization. For years I would constantly say terrible things and just find ways to hate on the man, simply because he was better than my team! 

The Jazz couldn't seem to get past him and the Lakers and I think it had a lot to do with my frustrations! 

As I grew older, I gained a...