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The Gametime Guru

Jan 16, 2017

A recap of the last game for the Dallas Cowboys, as well as what they can be ready for next season. We also discuss the issue with referees in sports. 

over four years ago

Shane, your comments are dead on the mark. I feel refs sold held accountable at an end of game review and if it see as a total blatantly bad call they should be suspended or reassigned to a lesser game. Also it is the multiple bad calls as in the Arizona game a few years back pull the whole officiating team. You have a great point of view of the games in general, your view in not soley the view of your team, it is the game in general. I have always respected how you navigate the game no matter the sport and whom may be playing. YOU ARE A SPORTS MASTER OF THE GAME, RULES AND TRUE POINT OF VIEW. STAY ON TARGET, YOU ARE A SPORTS STUD.

Cara Blair
over four years ago

Awesome job Shane Gordon! I completely agree with the ref thing.We are proud of you!