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The Gametime Guru

Jul 16, 2019

It's crazy how people can make assumptions on how an individual is, based on a TV Series. I was super intrigued by Coach Jason Brown's coaching style when the Last Chance U series went to Independence Community College for Season 3, but I knew there was more to him than what the show portrayed. 

Today Coach Brown joins me for an awesome discussion about his life, journey and what he intends on doing moving forward. You'll also hear about his book "Hate Me Now, Love Me Later" which you can find on Amazon. (Go BUY it!) 

You'll find out a lot about the man from this 25 minute discussion and you'll quickly realize how genuine of an individual he is. 

I'm very excited about Season 4 of the show, but I would encourage all of the Last Chance U fans and football fans in general to always be aware of how media portrays individuals. There is almost ALWAYS a completely different side to a story so make sure to try and see all sides before making your assumptions. 

I hope you enjoy this bonus episode of the show! 



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