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The Gametime Guru

Apr 12, 2019

Ian Dickson was able to do what a lot of us former athletes were not: He continued his baseball journey onto the professional level. 

After finishing up college at Lafayette College in PA, he went into his first year into the minors. We'll get to hear about what it is really like playing in the minor leagues as he breaks down his journey in a way in which anyone can relate. 

Ian describes his journey with amazing stories and is REAL about everything. If you have someone who is in their own journey through the baseball world, please have them listen to this interview so they can learn something. If you're someone who previously played baseball and want to know how to transition from the "post-baseball" world into the business world, make sure you pay attention too, because this is something you do NOT want to miss! 

Enjoy this interview with Ian Dickson! 


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