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The Gametime Guru

May 17, 2019

Running is a tough thing to do. All throughout my sports journey I have ALWAYS hated running. People always asked me how I could play basketball or box (both sports require an immense amount of running) and I just never knew why I enjoyed them, maybe because the "running was different." 

I have such a respect for those who actually ENJOY running! Jared Ward is one of them! He began running at a very young age and it carried him through Middle School, High School and even College where he ran at BYU. 

He did research and presented his Thesis for his Masters on Marathon Pacing. He even took his running to the next level. Want to know how professional long distance running works? How do these guys get paid? How do they train? How do they qualify for the olympics? How did he take 6th in the Olympics in Rio? (You don't want to miss his story) 

All of these questions are answered today with Jared breaking it down for us. This is such an educational episode! So pay attention as we break it all down for you today on the show. 

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