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The Gametime Guru

Jun 14, 2019

Most of us who go through sports, have a "love/hate" relationship with the officials. They are truly there to do their job and help support the integrity of the game, but often times they get a lot of heat for the calls they either make or don't make (just ask the New Orleans Saints). 

It's tough to be an official, especially at the highest level. Today we speak to a former MLB Umpire about his journey being on the field and making calls. 

We'll discuss the stressful situations they are in, whether or not they should have to report to the media, the ejections that he's made, best ballparks he's been to, etc. 

Toby Basner floated through the minors and majors for six years as an umpire and has quite the story to share with the rest of us. Make sure to listen up. 




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