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The Gametime Guru

Jun 21, 2019

Jason Spangler is no different than the typical college athlete. Oh, well, other than the fact that he runs his own roofing company while taking a full slate of credits at Texas Wesleyan. Did I also mention he's 51 years old? 

Spangler made the decision to play college football when he was 49 years old and his story on how that happened is unique. 

Find out how he was able to get through practices during his first year of spring ball with a broken rib and torn meniscus. Learn of how football LITERALLY saved his life and what life challenges he's gone through in the past year. 

This is an inspirational story that you don't want to miss. You'll learn how age is literally just a number, from the mouth of the 51 years young college football player, Jason Spangler. 



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