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The Gametime Guru

Jul 5, 2019

In the world we live in, there are many individuals who would LOVE to play football. The facts are, there are few who can actually do it. Athletes are rare, which is partially what makes them special, but what about those who still want to be a part of football? What do they do? 

The Simulation Football League gives people from all walks of life, an opportunity to play football on a competitive level. From players, to coaches, to owners, the SFL is providing many opportunities for people all over the globe. 

How is it different than eSports? How does it even work? How has it grown so much in its 6 years of existence? 

Today we have Commissioner of the SFL, Cameron Irvine, with us to discuss the league and show us what it takes to become part of it. 

Trust me, if you are anything like me, you'll listen to this interview and by the end of it, you will be wondering how you can be part of this league because it's something special! 

For more information on the Simulation Football League (SFL) you can go to their website here:


Major shoutout to Nation's Best Football. If you are involved with football in any way, as a player, coach, or you influence football in any way through business, you need to check out Nation's Best Football:





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