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The Gametime Guru

Jul 26, 2019

Jay Brantley (J Boogie) is known as one of the best streetballers out of the state of California. He had stints with the And1 Mixtape Tour, the Hooptainers, and now uses his basketball knowledge and experience to run Macleem Sports (an active lifestyle brand). 

Today we'll talk about his early days as a streetballer (and we'll learn what streetball was all about), where the idea for Macleem Sports came from and even hear about some of the best players Jay has played against throughout his basketball career. 

You'll see how sports have truly taken Jay around the world to learn different cultures and really make an impact on his life. Now he gets to utilize that for his business! 

If you want customized apparel for your team, you need to contact Macleem Sports, visit their website by going here:



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