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The Gametime Guru

Jun 16, 2017

1:15 - Find me on Instagram please @gametimeguru to see the "behind the scenes" of my journey as a start-up podcaster

2:30 - LEAVE ME A REVIEW on #iTunes. It will take about 60 seconds. You can also leave me a review on #Stitcher if you have an Android 

3:10 - NBA Finals breakdown

7:45 - 7-Footers shouldn't be able to do what Kevin Durant does

9:00 - Props to the Warriors for getting it done

10:00 - I feel like Lebron is going to miss the #FreeThrow

11:30 - "The Easiest Shot in the World"

15:45 - At least 3 of the starting 5 on the Warriors can hit their freethrows

17:00 - It can destroy a team if you don't hit your freethrows

18:30 - Cleveland ranked 22nd in league in FT%

19:50 - Comparing big men and their FT% (Rudy Gobert / Deandre Jordan)