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The Gametime Guru

Sep 4, 2020

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Colby Blaine has ascended through the coaching ladder quite quickly, and for good reason! 

As head coach at the College of Idaho, the teams he has led, have compiled a record of 62-9. He had his team ranked #1 in the NAIA Division II rankings before heading to the tournament last season, which like the rest of college athletics, ended abruptly due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Today we'll learn about Colby's journey that started way back in his playing days, when he began acting as a coach on the court. He has been led by many amazing mentors in his life, and has had a lot of great experience including a Junior College National Championship at the College of Southern Idaho in 2011 as an Assistant Coach on that staff. 

His interview today on The Gametime Guru is insightful. We learn more about the school, more about recruiting, more about culture and the atmosphere at this "smaller" NAIA School in Caldwell, Idaho. 

It's one you do NOT want to miss!! So check it out! 


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