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The Gametime Guru

Jul 7, 2017


BAM Jam Boise


Vince will talk a little bit about the history of Bam Jam (Boise's 3 on 3 basketball tournament) and explain why his staff has been able to keep the tournament running for so long. Along with that, he'll give his opinion on the sport of 3 on 3 basketball as a whole by giving his input on the Olympics as well as the Big3 (Professional) 3 on 3 basketball league. 

If you want some tips and tricks on how to build a strong 3 on 3 basketball team, he'll give his insight on what he has seen work during his days that he's been around the game. 

It's not only about 3 on 3 though. Vince will talk about the Idaho Select Organization that he helps coach for. If you've ever wondered about Club Sports for high school kids, make sure to listen to this segment.