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The Gametime Guru

Sep 11, 2020

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David Mckinzie, who is known as D-Mac, came to Boise State as a preferred walk-on as a Wide Receiver. Coming from Texas and after having a solid high school career, he was excited to come to a winning program like the Broncos. 

What's awesome about his story is, although his college career may not have been exactly what he had envisioned when originally coming to play football, he took advantage of a lot of opportunities that were presented to him, and he took those skillsets he acquired to his "post-college" phase of his life!

D-Mac was fighting for a spot to play alongside some of the very best wide receivers to go through Boise State. He learned from some of the best at the position throughout his four and a half years, and today we get to hear what it was like being in his position. 

It's a perfect interview for athletes who are fighting for playing time and for those looking to see what they can learn from these types of experiences. D-Mac is the true example of being a team player, putting his best work in everyday without any guarantees, but then also leveraging his network for his post-college career! 

There's a reason he's crushing it as an entrepreneur these days and is doing big things to help in a lot of areas. He gets to give back at Boise State by helping with the overall in-game experience for fans at the football games (something I've experienced personally). 

It's important to listen and learn from someone like D-Mac, as he's been there and knows the steps it takes to get there. So pay attention! 


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