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The Gametime Guru

Sep 18, 2020

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Back in 2010, I got introduction into the sports media world, when I was given the opportunity to do some Play-by-Play broadcasting with a company here in Idaho, for a local high school of ours. That company was and I'm forever grateful for the chance to learn the craft with them during that football season.

Today, I get to speak to the man who gave me that chance originally! The man who runs, Paul Kingsbury. 

For YEARS he's been providing sports content to Idaho sports fans (mainly high school sports) by giving them a platform to have written content as well as game broadcasts. 

He travels week in and week out to make sure he is covering the games for the schools who want them there! And today, we get to hear a lot about his journey! 

We also get to hear about some fun memories he's had (like where he was broadcasting games from, since it's not always in the comfort of a press-box believe it or not), and where his favorite school is for fans and such! 

He's truly built this thing and he's had to adapt along the way, which makes such a great source of information for sports fans in Idaho. Listen in and enjoy the discussion!!


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