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The Gametime Guru

Sep 25, 2020

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Leadership comes in all different forms. You don't have to be the loudest person in the room to be a leader. TJ Edwards knows this first hand. He leads by example by bringing a winning mentality everywhere he goes! 

As the Great Lakes Valley Conference All-Time Leader in Yards & TDs, TJ has been doing his thing and competing at this level for quite some time. He's been able to overcome adversity throughout his journey through football and he's shown that no matter your journey, you are always in control of taking advantage of the opportunities given to you. 

In our interview today, you'll get to hear about his journey (which started at the age of 3 on the gridiron), what it was like playing high school football in Texas, what it was like going from Texas HS Football to a Division II School and then coming back to that same conference to finish up his final year of athletics. 

You'll also hear what he's up to now as he prepares to make a professional roster spot! He's showing all of us that while many things are outside of our control, you can still take advantage of the opportunities that are still here. 

TJ will be a major asset to any organization that picks him up. He's a proven passer with an absolute cannon for an arm, with a major pocket presence, who has the ability to move and make things happen on his feet! 

Listen and enjoy the show as we get to know TJ Edwards II 


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