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The Gametime Guru

Aug 4, 2017

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The Gametime Guru - with Shane Larson


Episode 20: G-League Discussion with Victor

Victor from "The Rebound" and "The Daily Rebound" Podcasts, joined me to talk a little "G-League." Follow him on Twitter @thereboundfm and Instagram thereboundfm. You can also find his podcast "The Daily Rebound" on iTunes: The Daily Rebound

Questions we address are:

-What was the "G-League" (formerly the D-League) designed for in the first place

-Why do players go overseas rather than playing in the G-League

-Benefits and disadvantages of the G-League compared to Overseas (transition to the NBA, Money, etc)

- What has the G-League and the NBA done to try and keep the players here in the states? 


Stay tuned for the end as Victor does a "rapid fire" Q&A to finish the show. 

Hope you enjoy!