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The Gametime Guru

Sep 29, 2017

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Sports have made a major impact in my life, this podcast is a product of that. When I see the future of sports changing it makes me sad because I'm a true fan of both my country and sports. Now though, it seems we are at the beginning stages of a division among the two.

The recent NFL Protests have stirred up quite a bit of discussion in the past week. While they have been occurring for the past year, it didn't get too much attention until President Trump's speech in Alabama late last week. Players have chosen to fire back and it is having a major impact on the sports world. 

This week I'll give you my take on the matter as I try to find a common ground. Which owners handled the situation appropriately? Can we take a page out of the college football playbook? (They don't come out for the National Anthem). 

I want to also go through some of the great things these protesting athletes have done to help their communities. Some things the media doesn't necessarily portray. 

Sports preach unity, teamwork, "togetherness," discipline, etc. My goal is to help us move forward rather than continue to fight with one another. Let's work to understand one another. Let's work to see the good in people, whether that's the President of the United States or the athletes that have protested. 

Let's work to find a SOLUTION!! Sometimes a solution means both sides will have to give a little bit, but that doesn't mean it's a bad thing. 

Listen to my take, on the recent events in the sporting world.