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The Gametime Guru

Dec 21, 2018

Before the college football season began, there was a Twitter battle amongst those who sided with Brett McMurphy and those who sided with Urban Meyer when the news broke of the former assistant, Zach Smith's alleged domestic violence "charges" that came out. 

It was at this time I discovered Kyle Lamb, a journalist from Ohio who covers the Buckeyes on the Unscripted Ohio Podcast. The way in which Kyle approached the entire situation was amazing (which we'll discuss today). I began following Kyle and have since kept up with his work as it is truly awesome to witness what he does to continuously cover College Football with integrity. 

Join us today as we discuss this past season in College Football and discuss THE Ohio State Buckeyes. It's great when you can get someone with such great experience to join you on your show to bring value to the listeners. That is EXACTLY what Kyle brings. 

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Twitter: @kylamb8


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