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The Gametime Guru

Dec 28, 2018

I followed Matt Bauscher from his days in High School all the way through Boise State as well as his days overseas playing professionally. "Too Short, Too Slow, Too Idaho" were the words used to describe him as he was coming up through the ranks.

Today, Matt joins me on the show to discuss his journey through the basketball world. He overcame obstacles and had an amazing career. It wasn't EASY... He had to WORK... which has taught him many life-lessons. 

He had a Hall of Fame career in high school (recently inducted to the Vallivue Hall of Fame) and he made his mark with a very solid career at Boise State University. 

What is even more impressive, is how he continued to work. He made a large impact on the Dutch Basketball League

Today Matt owns a Real Estate business and is crushing it in his profession. We'll learn how his basketball career has helped him in business as well. 

You DO NOT want to miss this interview with Matt Bauscher. 

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