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The Gametime Guru

Feb 1, 2019

Booker has been a man I've looked up to for quite some time. I followed him while he played at Boise State University and today he shares his story with us. 

His story of basketball goes back to his high school days at Borah High in Boise, ID. He played under Coach Cary Cada where he learned many things outside of just basketball. 

He had an amazing journey at Boise State where he battled through adversity. Throughout the journey though, Book was able to travel to some amazing places and play some amazing teams. Experiences he'll never forget and he'll discuss those on today's show! 

He continues to play for the love of the game nowadays. Whether it be city league basketball or 3v3 tournaments, he and his teammates continue to battle it out on the court. 

Booker also continues to give back by teaching the youth about the game of basketball. 

He trains young athletes and helps them get to the next level in their basketball journeys with "Next Level Basketball Academy" 

Make sure to follow Booker and check out his Basketball Academy here:


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