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The Gametime Guru

Aug 31, 2018

The final interview of the series is with the founder of our sponsor, The Idaho Gaming League (or IGL for short), Chad Mann. Chad has a background in traditional sports, which is something we have seen multiple times during our interviews for this project. 

Chad realized the two worlds are beginning to "collide" and that is a part of why he began the IGL. 

Competition, team work, socializing, having fun, are just some of the different parts of competing in a formal setting. The IGL gives gamers in Idaho the opportunity to do this. 

IGL is the first of its kind here in Idaho and has been received very well with the community. Gaming is becoming more and more mainstream and Chad and his team are working to make eSports as mainstream as any other traditional sport in the state of Idaho. 

Check out the different tournaments that IGL will be putting on by going here: 

Fortnite - September 8th and 9th - SPOTS ARE LIMITED!!